• Selected Publications

Ray A, Callaway MK, Rodríguez-Merced NJ, Crampton AL, Carlson M, Emme KB, Ensminger EA, Kinne AA, Schrope JH, Rasmussen HR, Jiang H, DeNardo DG, Wood DK, Provenzano PP. Stromal architecture directs early dissemination in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. JCI Insight. 2021  PMID: 34914633 

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Zhovmer AS, Tabdanov ED, Miao H, Wen H, Chen J, Luo X, Ma X, Provenzano PP, Adelstein RS, The role of nonmuscle myosin 2A and 2B in the regulation of mesenchymal cell contact guidance.Molecular Biology of the Cell 30(16):1961-1973, 2019. Link

Maloney E, DuFort CC, Provenzano PP, Farr N, Carlson MA, Vohra R, Park J, Hingorani SR, Lee D, Non-Invasive Monitoring of Stromal Biophysics with Targeted Depletion of Hyaluronan in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma.Cancers 11(6), 2019. Link

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